Auto Root Tools

What is AutoRoot Tools?

AutoRoot Tools is Android swiss-army tools that help Android users get the best out of their Android Phones. AutoRoot Tools is capable in Rooting, Unrooting, Unlocking Bootloader, Updating, and installing Custom ROM on your Android Device.


How do you use AutoRoot Tools?

Download the latest AutoRoot Tools respectively for your Platform (Windows and Mac OS X) and install the tools. The installation is pretty simple and straight forward. After installing, open the apps, connect your device, and do task that are available to your device.


How do you update AutoRoot Tools?

You can update AutoRoot Tools directly from the application or you can update manually by downloading the latest installer from official sites.


Who created AutoRoot Tools?

AutoRoot Tools is created, manintaned, and updated by our internal team that consists of several developers. We always try to update our tools to accommodate latest device and operating system. You can contact us directly from here.

Download AutoRoot Tools V3.0 (Link Updated September 17th, 2020)
AutoRoot Tools for Windows
AutoRoot Tools for Mac OS X